Georgetown Time Machine: Rosslyn View

This week for Georgetown Time Machine, GM is returning to the fabulous aerial photos from the National Archives. Today’s is a lot like some of the others from recent weeks, but the angle allows for a few more interesting discoveries.

This one is slightly earlier than the other ones, having been taken in 1927. One immediately obvious difference is that the aqueduct bridge was still somewhat passable, even though the Key Bridge was already built:

Of course, this photo also gives a great snapshot of what the waterfront looked like at the time:

But the thing that really caught GM’s attention was the Curtis School:

The Curtis School once stood where the Hyde-Addison playground is. In fact, it was the first school built on that plot (1875). Addison School was built right next to it, and Hyde School was built last. Curtis School is the towering building at the center of the detail above. For reference, Hyde School is to the side, and appears half the height of Curtis.

The Curtis School was torn down in 1951, and despite it being around that late, GM has had the toughest time finding pictures of it. Here is the only clear one he’s found:

It’s great to see it in context, to see how much larger it was than all the surrounding buildings. It’s a shame it’s gone (although not having a playground would be a big problem for Hyde-Addison).

The aerial photo is sadly not as crystal clear as some of the others, but it’s still fascinating to poke around it–particularly the Rosslyn part–to see what the area looked like nearly 100 years ago.


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