Massive Cookies On The Way

A big cookie is coming to town. Literally. They’re huge.

Levain Bakery is opening in the former Johnny Rockets space at 3131 M St. The name might not be familiar to you. It opened in 1995 and only has a handful of locations in and around New York City. And the name also might make you think it’s a bakery in the normal we-sell-bread so of way. It’s not that.

What it is is a shop that sells cookies. Giant cookies. Not quite as large as that jumbo pizza-sized cookie above, but still way larger than you really ought to be eating.

The cookies weigh in at 6 ounces, which is almost half a pound. Granted, jumbo cookies are hardly that rare these days, but rarely are they this voluminous:

That’s like a friggin scone. Anyway, the tourists will love em.

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