Call Your Mother Finally Opens

Last week, after months of delay, Call Your Mother opened its Georgetown location. (Yes, GM told you it would be a month and a half away back on July 20th. He was happily wrongly informed on that.)

The shop is now selling bagels, both prepared and unprepared, along with a few assorted offerings like drinks and cookies. The shop allows you to order online and pick it up, which is helpful because you won’t have to wait and they tend to run out of bagels before their 2 pm close. You can even order the night before and have it ready right after they open at 8:00 am.

Given the online ordering will the lines still be a problem? Probably not on weekdays, but weekends will still likely draw a crowd that doesn’t plan ahead. This, of course, is what the immediate neighbors are so afraid of. The line, however, will be sent down 35th St., not O, and the building right next door is available for rent. But what a perfect spot to set up a business targeting those who don’t want to wait in line! Maybe Bullfrog Bagels can be convinced to set up shop, like how Burger Kings open up across from McDonald’s. It could be a veritable Schmear District.

So have you tried them out? Do they live up to the hype, in your opinion?


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2 responses to “Call Your Mother Finally Opens

  1. I went Saturday morning. I ordered ahead and my order was ready when I arrived. There was a little confusion about walk up ordering vs pick up and more of a cluster than a line, but that’s expected and will improve. Very welcome addition to the neighborhood.

  2. eddie257

    The trash and rats have been as bad as the adjacent neighbors feared. As have the patrons camping out on neighbors private property (e.g. knee walls and steps) to consume their bagels. But the store doesn’t care and apparently neither does anyone else because BAGELS. We live in a world where nothing matters but who whines the loudest.

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