Pools Won’t Open This Year

All summer the Departments of Parks and Recreations held out the possibility that the public pools would open. Pools were identified as things to open in Phase II, and DPR prepped the pools across the city to open quickly.

But they didn’t open with the arrival of Phase II on June 22nd. There was talk that they would be delayed until July 15th. But that came and went with no news.

Well the city has finally yesterday acknowledged what was becoming increasingly obvious: the pools would not open at all this year. Splash parks will remain closed too.

But you know what won’t be closed? Indoor restaurants. You can also keep huffing to the oldies at your gym. Want to meet up with your friends over some beers at an outdoor bar? Go to town, champ.

But lord forbid you want to take a dip in a pool of chlorinated water. The city has decided that’s too dangerous for you.

Schools won’t open too, as you probably know. Why? Because the city’s infections started going up again the moment they opened up all the restaurants, bars and gyms:

It’s profoundly screwed up that kids can’t cool off in a splash park, but 20-somethings, an alarming number of which are infectious, can down pints of IPAs, chatting maskless inches away. And partially because those adults continue to act like children, actual children will be stuck at home this fall, essentially losing an entire year’s worth of education.

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