What To Do When Your GU Neighbors Party Too Hard

Fall is here. And with the pandemic still in full swing, Georgetown University has gone fully virtual. But as you might have noticed, that doesn’t mean that Georgetown students haven’t returned to the neighborhood. While there’s nothing preventing them from returning here to take their classes online, you can still help prevent them from spreading the virus by being a bit vigilant.

That’s because while students are permitted to live in off-campus housing this fall, they are prohibited from gathering in groups of ten or more And that is inclusive of housemates. So if there’s a party with, say, 15 people at an off-campus house, that’s a violation of the rules, regardless of how many attendees live in the house. If you observe such a situation, call SNAP at 202-687-8413 to report it.

In the short time since some colleges have reopened for in-person classes, many have become hot-spots of viral spread. Thankfully, with virtual classes and mostly empty dorms, Georgetown is unlikely to become the next University of Alabama. But that doesn’t mean the same irresponsible behavior that is leading to thousands of new infections of college campuses can’t unnecessarily spread it here. Help stamp it out quickly if you see it.

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