This Might Not Be Great For Our Reputation

The Washington City Paper reported yesterday that a new bar/restaurant is coming to Georgetown called Apéro. It will takeover 2622 P St. And while Georgetown may have started to get away from its reputation for being only for rich people in the last couple years, this will surely set us back a bit: the bar’s specialty will be champagne and caviar.

As the City Paper writes:

Apéro’s food selection will include small bites like “little fried things” and some salads. Johnson, who as a culinary background, will execute the menu. Customers will be able to add caviar to any dish or order at least five varieties of caviar on its own.

“It’s a nice place for everybody to come grab a snack and a drink,” Benchimol says. “It sounds pretentious because of the Champagne and caviar, but it’ll be very approachable and still elegant. I want people to learn more about eclectic wines and grower Champagnes not from the big-name houses. It’s not, ‘Come in and spend $300.’”


This space has seen quite a lot of changes over the years. It used to be a church-owned thrift store. Then it was converted into the After Peacock Room, an artistically inspired restaurant, but that closed fairly quickly. It was later turned into 2622, a coffee house/salon (which is about the best use for the space in GM’s opinion). But that recently closed. Will a high-end restaurant succeed here? Time will tell.


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