ANC Preview

The ANC will meet (virtually) for its October meeting next Monday at 6:30 pm (link here). On the agenda is GM’s old, personal enemy: the ginkgo.

Last year, several residents in east Georgetown tried to get the city to cut down several mature female ginkgo trees. As anyone who walks on 27th st. in the fall can tell you, the trees drop some seriously odorous berries (actually they’re seeds) that smell like a mix of dog poop and vomit. Spraying can reduce the seed growth, but only so much. Cutting them down would obviously end the problem, but it would come at a serious cost. The uproar stopped the move to get the trees cut down, but the residents are still seeking solutions to the seed problem, which will be addressed by the ANC.

Also on the agenda are two significant liquor license applications. The first is for the new Apéro that GM discussed yesterday. They are seeking a new license, and will likely run into some challenges using the large patio attached to the property. The second is the transfer of the liquor store license from Logan Circle Liquors to 1515 Wisconsin Ave. that GM discussed last month. Both licenses will likely be protested, which will move the process towards settlement agreement negotiations.

Here is the rest of the agenda.

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