Five Former ANC Commissioners Endorse Mathews For ANC!

I’m proud to announce that five former ANC Commissioners from Georgetown have endorsed my candidacy for ANC! They include Tom Birch, Jeff Jones, John Lever, Pamla Moore, and Monica Roaché. They write:

We are former Commissioners of ANC2E, with over 25 years of aggregate experience between us. And we are writing to support the candidacy of Christopher “Topher” Mathews for the Commission this year, representing SMD 02.

We have each worked closely with Topher on various matters around Georgetown and have been impressed with the depth of his knowledge of and commitment to the neighborhood. For instance, some of us have worked alongside Topher in his capacity as board member of the Citizens Association of Georgetown, wading through thorny and contentious issues to arrive at solutions that work for all members of the community. While others of us have known him through his diligent reporting on his local news site, the Georgetown Metropolitan. And beyond that, we have all seen Topher pitch in on countless efforts to improve our neighborhood over the years.

Topher has shared with us his plans should he be elected. To fight the impact of Covid, he will work with stakeholders in the business community and the city agencies to help save the Georgetown commercial district. He’ll work towards reducing the blight of vacant storefronts along Wisconsin Ave. Further, he’ll push the city to take steps to reduce dangerous and street-clogging traffic through our side-streets. And he’ll fight to keep bus service cuts from devastating our transit accessibility.

We know what it takes to be a successful ANC Commissioner, and we are confident that Topher will be one. We heartily endorse him.

Tom Birch – Former Commissioner ANC2E06
Jeffrey Jones – Former Commissioner ANC2E03
John Lever – Former Commissioner ANC2E02
Pamla H. Moore – Former Commissioner ANC2E06
Dr. Monica Roaché – Former Commissioner ANC2E07

I’m honored to have their support!


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