ANC Preview: Volta Park Edition

ANC 2E will be meeting for its November session next Monday night at 6:30. You can watch by Zoom link here.

There are no obviously bombshell matters on the agenda for this month. Although a couple merit a note.

The community comment agenda is fairly thick, with topics ranging from an update from CM Pinto’s office to discussions of school overcrowding. But a topic near and dear to GM is western Volta Park. There is a naescent effort to reimagine this portion of the park, lead by Commissioner Joe Gibbons, the Friends of Volta Park and DC DPR. It’s early going, but the parties are considering if there are better design options, including possibly adding some hardscaping. If you’ve got any ideas, chime in on Monday!

Another item on the agenda is a project led by the BID to reconstruct a stairway from the canal down to the western end of Water St. Right now there is a stairway there, but it’s pretty beat up and not terribly attractive to use.

The full agenda is here.


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