The Citizens Association New Home

The Georgetown Citizens Association has a new home: a small rowhouse steps from the canal. The new home was formally announced yesterday by CAG president Tara Sakraida Parker:

In the Citizens Association of Georgetown’s 142-year-old history, there have been milestones that we look back upon and cherish as critical points in CAG’s history.
CAG gratefully announces a momentous bequest from the Trust of A. Michael Sullivan, Jr., intended to purchase a new permanent headquarters in Georgetown. Our new townhome is located on 30th Street along the historic C&O Canal and will honor Mr. Michael Sullivan and his wife, Beverly Bissell Sullivan. Their legacy gift supports CAG in an exceptional and unprecedented way.
For the first time ever, we have a permanent home to gather and grow, and to build a foundation of impact and change.

The house at 1058 30th was bought by the organization in November for $1,020,000, which is pretty good seeing as it was listed in July for $1,100,000.

It is still set up as a residence, as the photos attest:

But CAG will likely not need to make drastic changes to adapt the space for their use.

The organization had been located on the second floor above the BB&T Bank at O and Wisconsin for over a decade. It was pretty threadbare at this point, and was a challenge for the staff and volunteers. This new location will be far more pleasant to use, that’s for sure.


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