Georgetown Time Machine: Kiddos Cooling Off

This week for Georgetown Time Machine, GM is transporting you away from the cold of January and giving you a glimpse of summer. The photo is from July 1, 1932, and shows a group of Georgetown children cooling off in an outdoor shower.

The caption to the photo gives a bit more context for the scene:

Thus, this is a snapshot of a time when Georgetown children were the subject of charitable efforts. (It should be noted that the only kids in the photo are white.) It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that there were poor Georgetown children at the time. The socioeconomic and racial demographics of the neighborhood were nothing like they are today. And moreover, it was the Great Depression!

(In fact, an earlier page of the same issue has a picture of then New York Governor, Franklin Roosevelt, awaiting convention results from Albany:

The Georgetown Garden Tour has been run by the Georgetown Garden Club since 2001, but it has been taking place since 1928. These days the beneficiaries of the tour are primarily the parks and trees around Georgetown, not overheated tots. Although it’s crazy to think the funds to run a full blown daycare program could be financed by the tour.


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  1. Thomas Neale

    The caption on FDR’s photo is significant: he was the first presidential nominee to make a personal appearance at the convention — previous nominees waited at home to be informed by a committee. The reference to “a large plane” (a Ford Trimotor) was further evidence of FDR’s precedent-breaking campaign. Not only would he accept the nomination in person, but he would fly to Chicago to so.

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