Georgetown Takeout Tuesday Aims to Preserve Local Restaurants

A group of Georgetowners concerned about the threat of widespread restaurant closures in the neighborhood have organized a new effort: Georgetown Takeout Tuesday.

The plan is to select two different restaurants in Georgetown each Tuesday (a generally slow day for restaurants) and get a group of residents to order a meal from them. Some restaurants will even offer special add-ons or discounts if you mention Takeout Tuesday when you order.

A message will be sent out weekly via NextDoor and local listservs notifying the community of the two restaurants, any discounts they’re offering, and a small message from the restaurants letting you know how important this is to them.

This week the restaurants are Chaia and Peacock Cafe. Peacock Cafe is offering 30% off bottled still wine when you order and mention Takeout Tuesday.

Here are the messages from Chaia and Peacock:

Shahab from Peacock Cafe: Oh my God – it means so much to us. To be honest, it goes back to how we were raised. We are from a large family of 6 kids. Our parents always brought everyone together; it was a place where people gathered. We were born with hospitality: being of service, caring for people, offering a comfortable environment for people to enjoy.
Bettina from Chaia: Hospitality is core to who Chaia is. We hire individuals who are as passionate about our tacos as we are and embody generosity, optimism and warmth. We want our customers to be greeted with smiles and friendly ‘hellos’ and ‘how are you doings’ and to always, always feel welcome at Chaia.
We expect our team to have a genuine interest in whether the customer has enjoyed their experience and to go above and beyond to fix any mistake that may have occurred. We want all of our customers to leave 110% satisfied, with a smile, and telling us that they will return.
It’s nearly lunchtime, so keep these two options in mind today!

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