About That Trump Shift

The New York Times published an absolutely fascinating map this week gathering election data from every election precinct they could from across the country. It shows at a glance how each precinct voted, and more interestingly, how that vote differed from 2016. Georgetown’s map reflects a slight shift towards Trump for east Georgetown. While this is true in a sense, drilling down into the numbers tells a slightly more complicated story.

First off: in either event the vast majority of Georgetowners voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Biden in 2020. Here are the vote totals for the combined precincts for each election:

  • 2016
    • Clinton – 4355
    • Trump – 578
  • 2020
    • Biden – 4393
    • Trump – 697

While Trump added over 100 more votes across Georgetown from 2016 to 2020, Biden added almost 40. So across the neighborhood, the voters nudged towards Biden.

But what about how each precinct voted? The Times map seems to suggest that west Georgetown moved towards Biden and east Georgetown actually moved towards Trump:

West Georgetown:

East Georgetown:

But the raw numbers actually show the opposite.

Biden got 68 more votes in east Georgetown and 30 fewer votes in west Georgetown than Clinton did. Trump picked up votes on both sides, adding 78 in east Georgetown and 41 in west Georgetown.

So how does that make sense?

Because votes for third parties and write-ins went way down.

In 2016, 476 votes went to Libertarian Gary Johnson, Green Jill Stein, and various write-ins. In 2020, the total to Libertarian Jeremy Cohe, Green Howie Hawkins, Independent Gloria La Riva, and write-ins was only 166. The drop off in non-major party voting was about the same across both precinct. Also, the overall turnout dropped by 153.

So both Biden and Trump increased their vote share in Georgetown and it appears they did so by convincing fewer people to vote for the third parties or write-ins. And to the extent there were any Clinton-to-Trump voters, they were more likely to be found on the west side.

But either way, there are still nearly 700 people here in Georgetown who voted for that disgusting excuse for a human being. That’s pretty alarming!




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2 responses to “About That Trump Shift

  1. jakejohnson369

    And you couldn’t even win the ANC race for a neighborhood you write a blog about

  2. georgetowncitizen

    Mr. Johnson, that was a truly ugly comment on your part about the GeorgetownMetro editor…all too typical of the hate and sarcasm suffusing the media today. Yep, our G’townMetro editor probably shouldn’t have ventured so far into partisan political comment at the end of his post, and that got your goat, but your comment went beyond bounds in my view in its sheer ugliness. And please remember, Mr. Matthews lost his ANC race in G’town by 51 to 49 percent. Trump lost Georgetown by 84 to 13 percent. So I think it is YOU, not Matthews, who is out of his element in this neighborhood.

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