Stationery Store Coming to Wisconsin Ave.

A new stationery store is coming to 1355 Wisconsin Ave. It’s called Duly Noted.

The shop would be the only location for the new store. It will offer paper goods, cards, gifts and similar products:

The shop is set to open next week.

It is refreshing to see a shop open in Georgetown that isn’t either a coffee/sweets shop or a clothing store (nothing against those stores, of course, but it’s about all we’ve seen in the last five years).

And this store represents the continuation of the transformation of the 1300 block of Wisconsin. Developer Chris Martin has acquired a group of these storefronts–once decrepit and mostly full of cheap suit operations–and poured money in to bring them back into shape. This strategy is meant to address the catch 22 that has held back this block for a while: nicer shops don’t want to open here because the buildings are in such bad shape and the property owners don’t want to put money into fixing up the buildings because they don’t have better paying tenants lined up.

Now with (some of) the buildings in better shape, and appealing shops opening up (or already open, in the case of Compass Coffee) it is hoped this will set off a virtuous cycle to continue the improvement of this long lagging stretch of Wisconsin Ave.


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