East Georgetown Getting Vaccinated Way Faster Than West Georgetown

East Georgetown residents are receiving Covid vaccines at a much higher rate than west Georgetown residents. This disparity appeared when GM first looked at this data in February, and it has only grown since then.

A total of 1,811 residents in east Georgetown have received at least one vaccination shot. A total of 12.84% of east Georgetown residents (and 47.73% of the seniors) have received a vaccine. (GM should note that the city groups east Georgetown with Kalorama and west Dupont for data reporting purposes).

The story is much different on the west side. So far only 519 west Georgetown residents have received a shot. Only 6.01% of west Georgetowners (and 36.16% of the seniors) have received a shot.

What to make of the disparity? In February, GM was willing to chalk it up largely to the difference in demographics, since east Georgetown has more seniors, who were the primary candidates for receiving a shot at the time. But the rate of senior vaccination is materially lower in west Georgetown now. And with the eligibility being opened up quite a bit, the gap persists.

Some of the percentage disparity can be attributed to the effect of GU on the population stats. West Georgetown has about 8,600 residents, but about 4,000 of those would include GU students living on campus. If you take them out of the denometer, the rate increases a bunch. But it’s not clear to GM how many GU students really aren’t here. So many who would normally be in dorms simply rented houses or apartments instead.

In either event, senior vaccination is still too low on both sides. So if you know of an older neighbor that might have difficulty navigating the vaccine portal, reach out and offer your help. It’s what good neighbors do for each other!

All the data GM is using for this article comes from the fantastic DCcovid.com website.


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