Rescue Plan Act Helps WMATA Avoid Drastic Cuts

Last week WMATA announced that due largely to the money made available to it under the American Rescue Plan Act it would be able to avoid enacting the drastic service cuts it had earlier proposed.

The most dramatic of the proposed cuts affected Metrorail. They would have called for the elimination of weekend service and peak frequencies of only 30 minutes on the weekdays. But the cuts to bus service were deep and wide as well. And for a neighborhood so reliant on bus service, Georgetown would have been deeply affected.

As GM wrote earlier this month, the proposals would have:

  • Eliminated the D6
  • Eliminated the G2
  • Eliminated the D1
  • Eliminated the D5
  • Eliminated all fully crosstown trips on the 30 series

Now all of those cuts are off the table. Although, the D1 and the D5, both of which have not been running during the pandemic, will continue to be temporarily suspended. Once demand on the D2 and the D6 returns to pre-pandemic levels, WMATA promises to restore them.


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