Now, Seriously, Start Watering Your Street Trees!

GM always puts out an advisory in April to start watering your trees. And without fail, we end up with a wet April and/or early May, which largely makes watering trees, even new ones, not strictly necessary.

But that always comes to an end. And that end is nigh. June is already pounding us with summer heat and despite some rainy spells last week, we’re still in a bit of a drought. Any young trees on your block will need someone to water them stat. At least 25 gallons a week, all summer long.

If it’s a new tree, hopefully it has an ooze tube, those large bags around the base of the tree that can be filled from a hole on the top. Fill them up once a week and you’re all set. If you don’t have one, you can just leave a hose dribbling out water for about 20-30 minutes, and that will suffice.

It is rewarding to see trees that were once meek become giants. GM has lived on his current block just 9 years and already seen several trees make that transition. He’s also seen several older trees cut down. It’s the inevitable end, but an end that can be softened by the presence of young and thriving trees. And keeping on top of watering them will ensure their future for many more years.


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