Volta Park Pool Returns to Normal Weekday Hours

Volta Park Pool will return to ordinary weekday hours as the full summer schedule kicks in this week.

DPR Director Delano Hunter announced this change at the ANC meeting this week. Previously the city had planned for all pools to shift their weekday hours from 12-8 to 10-6. This was done in part to accommodate summer camps that wanted earlier access to the pools (it also reflected a shortage of lifeguards). But this would in turn limit the ability of people working office hours to use the pools during the week.

To respond to these complaints, the city shifted a handful of pools back to the later starting and closing time. Volta Pool was one of those. Jelleff and nearby Francis pools were not. Georgetowners are blessed with lots of public pool options, and now you will have options for both morning and evening swimming! (Although remember that Volta is closed Mondays, Jelleff is closed Wednesdays and Francis is closed Tuesdays). All pools will be open from 10 to 6 pm on the weekends.

Those hoping for lap lanes will continue to wait, however. Hunter did not commit to bringing them back any time soon, citing crowding. He did suggest that later in the summer as the crowds ease the lanes may return.


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