Canal Dries Up Again, But Only For a Bit

After a long wait, the C & O Canal was finally refilled with water this month. It was a lovely sight to see after years of nothing but puddles and marshlands. But this week the canal dried up again. What gives?

GM reached out to Georgetown Heritage, the organization that is directing efforts to restore and rebuild the canal through Georgetown. And have no fear, the dry canal is not a sign of some mechanical or structural failure. This is part of NPS’s ordinary watering and dewatering process. In this particular case, the canal levels will vary intermittently over the next several weeks in preparation for the return of the canal boat.

It is anticipated that once the boat is finally ready the canal will be re-filled completely and for the rest of the season. That is expected to happen in late summer or early fall. Until then, expect the water to rise and fall and don’t worry about it in the meantime.


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