Georgetown’s Long Lobster Roll-less Nightmare Comes to an End

Georgetowners no longer must suffer the pain of not having a lobster roll shack in their neighborhood: Masons Famous Lobster Rolls have opened.

The shop takes over 1078 Wisconsin Ave., which was previously occupied by Paul Bakery. That store closed early in the pandemic as part of a worldwide contraction.

From 2013 until last year, Luke’s Lobsters offered a buttery taste of Maine on Potomac St. The store was part of a nationwide chain, but it actually had a tie to the neighborhood. The eponymous Luke is a 2007 GU grad (and was a classmate with the founders of Sweetgreen.) GM was pretty bummed when it closed, as it was a nice little shop that catered to locals as much as tourists.

But after months of no lobster shacks Masons is here.

The offerings are pretty much identical to Luke’s, right down to the Cape Cod potato chips and Maine root beer. (No liquor license though).

They even offer something called a Connecticut Roll, which is basically a lobster roll without mayo. As a proud Connecticut-native, GM is surprised he’s never even heard of such a thing, especially since it’s the exact way he prefers lobster rolls. (Luke’s also offered mayo-free rolls, but didn’t call them Connecticut rolls. Probably part of the Maine-native founder’s effort to cover up the fact that lobster rolls were invented in Connecticut not Maine.)

So stop by a pick up a roll and celebrate the great Constitution State.


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