Juice Shop Coming to Wisconsin Ave.

A new juice shop is coming to the corner of N And Wisconsin (1300 Wisconsin Ave.) in the space formerly occupied by the Papyrus stationery store. The company is called Pressed, and it’s got locations scattered across the US. This appears to be one of at least two stores in DC the company is planning (the other is on P St. in Logan Circle).

The company appears to have offerings ranging from the woo-woo “cleanse” type juices to simply lemonades. But one thing that doesn’t vary is the cost; the bottles go for about $5-$6 a pop. And like most new internet companies that use all lower case in their branding, it appears that getting you into a subscription is their goal.

But having a shop right here will help you avoid that, if you’re so inclined.

No word yet on when the shop will open, but GM would guess that it will be up and running by mid-winter.


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