New Unusual Snack Shop Opens

A shop that sells rare and unusual snack items has just opened at 1432 Wisconsin Ave. The shop is called Fat Munchiez, and it is the second location for the shop.

GM honestly didn’t realize there is a market in such things as Japanese candy or Pepsi cream soda, but the store appears to already have fans:

Always nice to have some unique shops around the neighborhood, so welcome Fat Munchiez!


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One response to “New Unusual Snack Shop Opens

  1. Alan Ishihara

    We would like to thank you for the great publicity and are happy that the Georgetown neighborhood has accepted us on Wisconsin Ave.

    We would like to emphasis that NOTHING in our store is infused and EVERYTHING is kid friendly. We specialize in bringing you the best snacks from around the world and your IG screen.

    Please come visit us anytime from 12-8pm

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