Socks is Still Looking for His Forever Home!

As GM mentioned back in October, he and his family are fostering an absolutely handsome young pup named Socks (formal name Socrates). After a few adoption applications fell through, he’s still with GM. And as much as GM and fam will miss him when he’s gone, he still needs to find his forever home. Will it be with you?

Socks is now about eight months old. He is an absolutely adorable hound mix. He’s about 40lbs now and still growing. And he’s all legs. (GM thinks there’s a bit Great Dane in him). He’s got puppy energy and loves to romp around Volta Park with dogs of all shapes and sizes. GM’s never seen him show anything but pure enthusiasm towards other dogs or to humans. But he also loves a nice long snooze around the house. He’s an absolute goofball.

If you’re interested in Socks and his incredible ears, click this link and submit an application! GM will be so sad to let him go, but thrilled that he’s found his forever home.

(He only gets that droolly in the car out of a little nervousness)

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