Keep Your Lights Up!

Although the snowstorm will cause some delay, many people around Georgetown are ready to take down their Christmas trees and chuck all festive decorations to the curb or attic. But GM will make this annual plea: Please keep up your lights!

It mystifies GM that when the days are at their darkest, we pull down the wonderful twinkling lights from off our houses. The end of the holiday season is far from the end of the grimly short days and early nightfalls. It is still very much a time when cheerful lights on railings and outdoor trees should be guiding us home. And yet we generally go dark at the same time nature does.

So let this be GM’s modest proposal: Sure, take down that fire hazard of a tree. Store away the animatronic Santa Claus. But please leave up the little incandescent (or LED) strands of joy a little bit longer. Spring is still months away. Shine a light in the dark days while we wait!


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