Honey, Made in Georgetown

For Christmas, GM’s neighbor gave him a lovely jar of honey. But it was not just any honey, it was honey made right here in Georgetown.

The honey is made by a small family-run company called Heritage Honey. It was started in 2011. As described on their website:

We’ve lived in Georgetown for many years and only started beekeeping quite recently + unexpectedly when we learned about the success of beekeepers in urban areas. Our family has always been passionate about bees, beekeeping, gardening and nature. 

In 2011 we decided to reestablish the old family tradition of beekeeping. The great great grandfather of the youngest generation of our family was a very well known beekeeper and writer of several books on beekeeping and bee behavior in the end of the 19th century/beginning of the 20th century Russia. He was first introduced to beekeeping on the apiary of his father. Heritage Honey stems from his knowledge and ideas. Following in his traditions, we define our mission as promoting chemical free, all natural beekeeping with a focus on keeping only strong, healthy, and resilient bees that are well adjusted to local conditions.

They gather honey at three hives around DC, including one at Tudor Place.

The honey can be found at farmers markets around DC, including the popular Dupont Circle market.

And best of all, it tastes fantastic! Eat local, eat sweet.


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  1. kerlin4321

    You can also buy Heritage Honey at Morgan’s Pharmacy – proving once again that Morgan’s not only carries just about everything you could possibly need, but also offers many wonderful things you will find almost nowhere else.

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