Smoothie King to Replace M St. Starbucks

Many, many moons ago, GM reported that Smoothie King was going to occupy the former Little Tavern space on the northeast corner of N and Wisconsin. That clearly never came to pass (a fast casual restaurant called Dig is still slated to finally open there this year). Well now it appears that his royal highness of smoothies is finally arriving: Smoothie King is opening in the former Starbucks space at 3122 M St.

The previous (ultimately erroneous) reporting came from a reliable source. Either they were just wrong or the deal fell through. This reporting comes by way of the ANC agenda, which reports that Smoothie King is applying for signage approval. So it’s very likely to be correct.

Georgetown has developed quite a surfeit of blended juice-based drink shops. There’s Jaco and South Block currently. Pressed is coming to the northwest corner of N and Wisconsin. Another juice bar is trying to open at 34th and Prospect (but the neighbors are throwing a fit about it and will likely block it). Granted, these all are juice bars, which produce their drinks by squeezing the fruit. Smoothies use blenders. But come on, they’re basically the same thing.

At least they’re not banks though.


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