7-11 Appears Permanently Closed

Back in October, GM noted that the 7-Eleven at Wisconsin and O had been closed for months under a nebulous Health Department order. If there were any chance that the store would open at that point, it appears nil now. The signage was completely removed recently.

Moreover the location is no longer listed on the company’s website. (GM’s not sure when it was removed, but it’s definitely gone now).

So it’s fairly safe to assume at this point that it’s no more. As GM noted in October, according to press reports, the lease was set to last until 2023. GM had heard a rumor before it first opened in 2013 that 7-Eleven got the space rent free in exchange for sinking hundreds of thousands of dollars into repairs. Who knows if that’s true or whether it was still true this far into the lease. In either event it appears that 7-Eleven is throwing in the towel at this spot.

The opening of the Wawa just a couple blocks south certainly took a hit to the store. But given the health code violation, it may have been rats that really did them in.

Having a 7-Eleven at this location was always a bit of a bummer. Lets hope something nicer moves in now.


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