Metrobus Returns to Regular Service Levels

If you’ve used Metrobus over the last month, you might’ve found yourself waiting a lot longer than you expected. Due largely to staffing shortages driven by the Omicron surge, WMATA ran the buses on a reduced weekend schedule all week.

With the surge thankfully subsiding, WMATA restored bus service to normal weekday service yesterday.

Readers may recall the alarm GM was raising last spring after WMATA proposed draconian service cuts to bus service across the city (including in Georgetown). Those cuts, thankfully, were never implemented mostly due to the massive infrastructure bill passed last year.

In fact, bus riders may be better off now than they were a few years ago. That’s because WMATA is proposing to make permanent a change that brought increased service to the Wisconsin Ave. bus lines.

Whether commuters will return is, of course, the open question right now!


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