Adopt Sparrow!

As you may recall, GM and fam started fostering pets last fall. After three fun-filled months with handsome Socks, he found a fantastic forever home. Then poofy Sammy the cat came and found his home so quick he never made it to these pages. And now we’re hosting this lovable little oreo, Sparrow.

She’s an energetic black-and-white domestic short hair. She’s supposedly about 2 years old, but she has the look and playfulness of a kitten. Of the three cats that have come to live with GM, Sparrow is his favorite.

But her listing really encapsulates her best:

Like the colors she adorns, black and white, Sparrow will never go out of style! Sparrow is as small and quick as her namesake. This playful kitty loves toys—wand teasers, balls, and small stuffed animals will all have her jumping and scampering. She is a little goofball who can entertain herself (and you!) batting around a stuffed rabbit and chasing after it. She is also a curious cat who will enjoy exploring your home. You may find Sparrow inserting herself into the space between your bed and the wall, sneaking under sofas, and climbing up on windowsills. After her adventures, Sparrow will make herself at home by sitting on the sofa or bed next to her humans. Sparrow likes being close to her humans and is down to snuggle and be petted and scratched pretty much all the time. This girl is looking for a safe spot to land, someone who will protect her from the scary sound of a zipper, and someone who will give her some Temptations chicken flavored treats. Does that sound like you? Don’t you have space for this small girl looking for a home? Sparrow sure hopes so! Apply today!

So if you’re looking for a furry addition to your lives, she’d love to come home with you!


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