Two Shops on the Move

Two Georgetown shops are on the move soon.

The first is Luigi Parasmo salon. It is vacating the rather large space at 1510 Wisconsin Ave to move down the street to 1359 Wisconsin. This new space is part of the redevelopment of some fairly derelict properties by Chris Martin the family that owns Prince and Princess across the street. They’ll soon be joined by a bubble tea joint next door and a fancy French Bakery two doors down.

The salon moved into its current space in 2012. The space had previously held the Hard Wear clothing store.

The other move is Shop Made in DC, which is also moving down Wisconsin Ave.:

They are moving to 1304 Wisconsin Ave from 1353 Wisconsin. (They’re moving to make room for that French bakery). This store has been a bit of a nomad. This is the fourth location it’s occupied in Georgetown. But it’s a great little shop, so GM is glad they’re sticking around. (He’d be even happier if they started selling Bluejacket beer again!)



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2 responses to “Two Shops on the Move

  1. One slight correction – the newly renovated properties where Luigi’s is moving is owned by the family who owns Prince and Princess!

  2. Topher

    Thanks for the correction!

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