Come Hear Plans for Ghost Kitchen Delivery Hub

Tonight at 6pm Georgetown Main Street and ANC Commissioner Jenny Mitchell will be hosting an online discussion about the proposals for 1721 Wisconsin Ave.

GM wrote about this proposal in April. In short, a “ghost kitchen” would move in to the space that was previously Ledo’s (and is now Noosh). This would be essentially a commercial kitchen that produces food for multiple restaurants, some which may actually exist somewhere else and some which won’t really exist anywhere. The vast majority of the food produced by the ghost kitchen would be delivered to the customers via third party delivery companies (e.g. Uber Eats). Turning this block into a depot for Toyota Corrolas pulling illegal u-turns is somewhat concerning to GM, perhaps it is to you too.

Click here to register for the call. This is meant to be mostly informative, so even if you’re as concerned as GM, it would not be helpful to get up on a soapbox just yet. There’s a whole zoning application process for that…


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