Campaign Signs Here!

My ANC campaign is underway! If you live in northwest Georgetown, you’ve hopefully seen some of my signs around. I hope you like them!

If you’d like to support my campaign, I’d be hugely grateful if you would be willing to display one of these lovely signs in front of your house. Signs in front of neighbors’ houses are so much more persuasive than yet another one up on a lamppost. If you’re willing, shoot me an email at and I’ll bring one by!

Better yet, if you’d be willing to gather some of your neighbors over to your house sometime for a meet and greet, I’ll bring the wine, it’ll be fun!



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2 responses to “Campaign Signs Here!

  1. Pamla Moore

    Topher, I will still be in Colorado until late October and live on the east side of GeoT. Gwen is my ANC representative. Good luck. Pam

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  2. Robert Mathews

    Vote for Toph!

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