Vote Mathews for ANC!

If you are a registered voter, you should have received a mail-in ballot over the last week. And if you live in northwest Georgetown, I hope you will fill it out to vote for me for ANC! Here is how it appears on the ballot:

I’ve discussed my priorities for the ANC here, but if you’re a regular reader of the Georgetown Metropolitan you’ll know that, above all else, I love Georgetown and am wholly dedicated to it. I will bring the passion and commitment I’ve brought to this website to the role of ANC commissioner. I hope I’ve earned your support over these 15 years (and counting) covering our great neighborhood.

Here is a map of the SMD to see if you live in my district:

The district is mostly just north of Volta and west of Wisconsin, with the exception of the upper part of 32nd St. and the nearby blocks of Reservoir, R and S streets.

If you can and will vote for me, first, thank you!! Second, if you can, please let your neighbors know about your support, it is worth a million bucks in terms of persuasion. I’m in the process of canvassing, and if you’d be willing to accompany me on your block, I’d be hugely grateful! Please email me and we’ll set it up!


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