How to Vote

The 2022 general election has begun in DC! And if you’re wondering how to actual perform this essential civic duty, read on!

There are three ways to vote in DC: by mail/drop box, early, and on election day itself. Here are their respective details:

By Mail/Drop Box:

If you’re already registered to vote in DC, you should have received a mail-in ballot in the mail in the last two weeks. There should be a separate ballot for each registered voter in the household. This is perhaps the easiest way to vote. Simply fill out the ballot and put it in the return envelope and drop it in the mail. Alternatively you can drop it off in a ballot drop off box. The closest one to Georgetown it at the Georgetown public library on R St. (Make sure you put it in the ballot box and not the returned books slot!).

In either event, when making sure to follow all the directions on the ballot itself. Most importantly, put only one ballot in each return envelope. Any other household members voting by mail must use their own return envelops. If you try to group them in one return envelope, the Board of Elections won’t count them.

Also, make sure to sign and date the voter’s oath on the back of the return envelop. Without this signature, the Board of Elections won’t count your vote.

All ballots returned by mail must be sent by USPS and postmarked by Nov. 8th, the day of the general election, and ultimately received by the Board of Elections by Nov. 15th. Drop boxes can be used right up to 8 pm on Nov. 8th.

By Early Voting:

If you want a little more confidence that your vote will definitely be counted, you can still vote in person. And you don’t need to wait until Election Day to do that. You can start voting in-person on October 31st right through to Nov. 6th. You can vote early in Georgetown at the public library.

Election Day:

And of course you can do it the old fashioned way too! Between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm, you can vote in person on Election Day, Nov. 8th. Like with early voting, on Election Day you can vote at any open voting center. The most convenient location for Georgetowners on Election Day is likely Hardy Middle School (enter off of 35th St.).


If you are a DC resident but not yet registered. Today is the last day to get registered! You can register online here. If you miss this date, have no fear! You can still use same-day registration. Just go to an early voting or election day vote center with some proof of residency (e.g. driver’s license, utility bill, etc.). Your vote still will be counted!

Any other questions you might have are likely answered at the Board of Elections website here.

And finally, if you live in northwest Georgetown, please vote for me!!


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