Hyde-Addison October Update

As begun last month, GM is running the monthly Hyde-Addison PTA newsletter:

It’s time for the monthly update for neighbors of Hyde Addison Elementary School!  Hyde is in full Autumn/Halloween mode which culminates in the annual costumed procession on the streets around the School on the morning of October 31—cross your fingers for dry weather and wish the kids a happy Halloween if they toddle past you around 9am.

Prospective Family Open Houses

Hyde Addison will be hosting four Prospective Family Open Houses this winter (two virtual, two in-person), with the first one scheduled for Thursday December 15 at 10am.  Please RSVP at: bit.ly/haeopenhouses ; it will begin with a presentation, so plan to be on time!

Hyde has some great news to share about its recent successes:

Last month, The DC ED Fund named Hyde the 2022 recipient of the coveted “DCPS Standing Ovation Award” (which is essentially the school of the year award) and presented Hyde with a check for $10,000.  Hyde received the award for building bridges for students and families (bridges increase access and opportunities for those who might not otherwise have them). 

Separately, the results are in from assessments of students’ English language arts/literacy skills (based on the Common Core State Standards) taken at the end of the 2021/2022 school year, and Hyde students rocked the test! In fact, the average Literacy scores for Hyde students were 44 percentage points higher than the DCPS average.  Congrats to Hyde students, teachers (and parents)!

The Hyde PTA’s largest fundraiser of the year (“The Great Envelope Race,”) is still on-going with a goal of raising $40,000 to cover school needs beyond the basics provided to the school from its budget from the city.  Every donation helps (my wife and I gave $800!) and I encourage you all to consider giving.  Please consider giving here: hydegift.com

While my family is new to Hyde, we already feel part of the Hyde community and have great pride in the school and its teachers.  Our kindergartner started the year with no real reading skills but her teacher says she’ll be reading by winter break!  And our 3-yr old has already learned how to count to 30 in his short time in Hyde’s PK-3 class.  Most of all, they love going to school each day, which is so important to us.

Your support of Hyde is welcome and much appreciated!  Please reach out to me with questions of any kind.


Phil Mone

R St in Burleith

About Hyde Addison Elementary School

Hyde Addison Elementary School, located at 3219 O St NW in Georgetown, is a public school within the District of Columbia Public School System and currently serves students from PK-3 to Grade 5.  Hyde has 380 total students, with an average class size of 19 (not including Hyde’s PK-3 class which is capped at 16). 

The school’s in-boundary attendance zone includes most residences within the neighborhoods of Georgetown, Burleith, and Hillandale.  For more school news, please visit the school’s website at www.hydeaddisondc.org and follow the school on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hydeaddison

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