Georgetown Time Machine: Previewing Thanksgiving

This week for Georgetown Time Machine, GM is checking out one of the more dowdy-sounding affairs from Georgetown’s past. You are probably familiar with the Georgetown House Tour and the Georgetown Garden Tour, both long time fixtures in the neighborhood. But did you know there was (at least once) a Georgetown Thanksgiving Preview?

This fundraiser, which took place in 1957, was put on by the Garden Club (which also puts on the Garden Tour). It gave attendees the opportunity to tour eight historic homes in Georgetown, each elaborately decorated for Thanksgiving. As the Washington Star described:

The article goes on to describe a handful of the homes on the tour (which all seemed to have been located on the east side for some reason) but this description got GM particularly interested:

Here are some of those trains:

(Too bad women of the period were denied first names in article like this! They were merely an appendage to their husbands, apparently.)

Later editions of the “Preview of Thanksgiving” described the affair as biennial. And in 1962 all the homes were on the west side and supposedly all homes from at least 1790 (which sounds hard to believe!):

The tour seems to have petered out by the end of the 1960s, with ’67 being the last edition:


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