New Indian Restaurant Coming to Book Hill

A new Indian restaurant is coming to 1639 Wisconsin Ave., in the Book Hill section of Georgetown. It is called Herbivore and it is taking over the space that was Pho Asian Bistro until about six months ago.

The sign in the window states that the restaurant will be 100% vegetarian, which makes sense given its name. (For what it’s worth, the online menu includes lamb and chicken dishes as well. GM suspects that’s more a result of a stock website design than a change in approach.)

Here is a bit more about the establishment:

THE SEEDS OF OUR BUSINESS was laid by our Founder, a man with a humble beginning, a simple idea driven by a lot of passion. When you bring all together, the possibilities are immense. Our founder Mr. Balwider Singh believed that few things bring about a smile of satisfaction like good food. We are opening our buisness primarily to bridge the gap of the non-existence of a quality vegetarian restaurant.

PASSION TO SERVE BETTER When the efforts are sincere, intention noble and the aspiration high, success is a natural by-product. We follow the perfect formula for success. Delicious food prepared under extremely hygienic conditions, served in a clean environment with a lot of passion and the reasonable pricing is the perfect answer to our gourmet, conscious customer. A menu of over 30 dishes in 6 categories, prepared to exacting standards and serving our customers, is a testimony to the impeccable quality and taste that we are famous for.

No word on when it will open other than the “COMING SOON” scribbled on a sign in the window. Welcome Herbivore!



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2 responses to “New Indian Restaurant Coming to Book Hill

  1. henrytow

    The address as written, 26139 Wisconsin Ave., needs correcting.

  2. Topher

    Ah geez, that was quite the fat finger. Fixed. Thanks!

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