Georgetown Time Machine: Big Sister

Today for Georgetown Time Machine, we’re visiting with a little girl who had just become a big sister. It was November, 62 years ago, and the girl had just got back from a walk with her dad, who was about to change jobs on top of everything.

If you haven’t guessed yet, the little girl is Caroline Kennedy, and her new little brother was John Jr. According to the text with the picture (from the Dec. 5 1960 Life magazine) “Caroline Kennedy peers out from her Georgetown home on the afternoon of her brother’s birth. Kennedy [her father] had just taken her for a walk and was about to tell her she had a little brother.”

The home she’s peering out of is 3307 N St. JFK lived here with his family while he was a senator and during his run for the presidency. In fact he gave impromptu press conferences on the steps of the home during those weeks between his successful election and his move to the White House.

Of course, tragedy befell the family and the nation. But for a little while they were just another young Georgetown family:


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