New Retail Update

Despite the prevalence of vacancies around the Georgetown retail areas, a lot of stores are planning on opening soon. Here are a couple I’ve learned of recently:


This hip luggage store appears to be opening at 3237 M St., which was most recently the Same Day Health testing site. Like a lot of stores opening in Georgetown recently, this is a “direct to consumer” brand. DTC brands are basically companies that start off selling directly to customers over the web, and then move to opening their own brick-and-mortar stores.

This location was going to be a flavored vodka shop, but that seems to have fallen through.


This scent-oriented shop has already opened at 3237 M St. (although I have to admit not noticing it yet). It sells various fragrant items such as candles and hand cream.

This location previously hosted Pacers Running, which moved over to Wisconsin Ave.


It appears that a store named STUDS is coming to 3288 M St., which previously hosted Allure. My best guess at what this is is this earring store.

Or it’s a store that sells hot guys. Either way it should be popular.

Also, as noted in November, Blank Coffee and Scotch and Soda are also in the works.


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