Reminder, ANC Meeting Tonight, and First Resolution

Reminder, tonight is the February ANC meeting. It begins at 6:30 pm. Access it via Zoom.

Tonight I anticipate proposing my first resolution, which I hope is the first of many. The topic is actually a bit of an unusual one for the ANC, but a very important one nonetheless. Residents on Q St. are proposing to purchase part of their neighbor’s back yard to add to their own. And part of their plans is to construct a swimming pool.

It will be my recommendation not to object to the subdivision (the legal term for changing the property lines) nor the pool. But I am very concerned that any construction for the pool be done with extreme care and respect for the fact that these properties once made up a graveyard that was primarily used by Georgetown’s black community. The applicant has expressed a willingness to commit to that goal, and I hope the resolution will help hold them to it. There will be more in the resolution itself, and I will share it here once it has been finalized and adopted.



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2 responses to “Reminder, ANC Meeting Tonight, and First Resolution

  1. Thornell Page

    Name of cemetery. Is it Mt. Zion?

  2. Topher

    No, this is a burial ground on Q St. north of Volta Park. If it had a name, I believe it has been lost.

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