February Hyde-Addison Update

It’s time again for an update from Georgetown’s Hyde-Addison school:

It’s time for the monthly update for neighbors of Hyde Addison Elementary School!  2023 is off to a great start at Hyde.  My children were so excited to return to school after winter break and continue on with the great learning and friendships they’ve developed.  This past weekend my daughter the kindergartner authored her first “book” (a total of three sentences about a log my wife sat on that was actually a crocodile—a work of fiction fyi) and though it had several spelling mistakes, I was so proud of her.  Back in the 80s, I didn’t reach her literacy level until near the end of 1st grade; she (and her classmates in kindergarten) impress me.

Last week there was a special event held at Hyde (open to parents of current students, teachers etc), the Student Success Showcase, which was a celebration to honor the “Standing Ovation Award” Hyde received from the DC Education Fund this past fall.  In addition to good food and fun, Hyde’s PTA ran a silent auction and raised thousands of additional dollars for Hyde. 

There are some current and upcoming opportunities for Georgetown and Burleith neighbors to support Georgetown’s only public elementary school!

1)      Through Monday February, 6, buy comfort food through Hyde Addison PTA’s Pot-Pie-athon (courtesy of Georgetown’s 1310 Kitchen & Bar chef Jenn Crovato)! 25% of all sales go to Hyde and thousands of dollars have already been raised (sales are brisk!). 

2)      On Wed February 8, Hyde PTA has lined up a fundraiser through In Bocca Al Lupo (2400 Wisconsin Ave), an amazing new pizzeria in Glover Park. 25% of all sales go to Hyde.  More details to come.

PK3 and PK4 Lottery and Prospective Family Open Houses

As a reminder, the lottery for PK3 and PK4 (and grades K-5) at Hyde has opened. You can apply now for PK3 and PK4 at Hyde at myschooldc.org (the deadline to apply is March 1; results will be posted on March 31).  Hyde has one PK3 class (16 students) and two PK4 classes (19 students in each class). Please message me if you are interested in learning more about the school! I have one child in PK3 and one in K and we love it.

Hyde Addison has two upcoming Prospective Family Open Houses this winter (a virtual on on Feb 15, an in-person one on March 10).  Please RSVP at: bit.ly/haeopenhouses; it will begin with a presentation, so plan to be on time!

Hyde’s PTA is now on Instagram! Follow it to keep in touch about all the goings on at Hyde!



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