Chinese Fashion Shop to Open

While a great deal of Americans’ wardrobes consist of clothes made in Asia, it’s rare for the clothes to come from fashion designers actually based there, particularly Chinese designers. One new shop is trying to change that and is opening up a brick and mortar store in Georgetown at 1057 Wisconsin Ave. (currently an AT&T store).

The shop is called Fangyan. It has two other shops in Bethesda and Westfield, NJ. It also had a pop-up here Georgetown, but this will be a permanent shop. From their website:

FANGYÁN 方言 (fāng yán) is a brand and US-based multi-label retail e-commerce. The name is inspired by the language diversity in China, paying homage to the brand’s aim of curating pieces from all around the country.

FANGYÁN is translated as “dialect”, meaning a variety of Chinese languages.

It is a representation of the country’s melting pot culture where chaos meets order. In this context, FANGYÁN arises in its true colors, as a fashion project that delivers not only great designs but actively plays a role in this trend of redefining what China actually is to a new and curious global audience.

The website lists twenty different Chinese brands that it will offer. Personally, I’m not terribly well informed on fashion trends, let alone international ones, but it does seem like nice new option for people looking for something new.


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