For A Change, New Clothing Shop Opening is For Men

It seems just about every clothing store that has opened in Georgetown in recent years (and there’s been a lot!) have been primarily, if not exclusively, targeted towards women. The good news is that a new clothing store is coming that is a men’s store! The bad news is that it’s replacing one of the other few men’s clothing stores in the neighborhood.

The new store is Todd Snyder, a New York-based chain with just a handful of other locations (although its 2015 acquisition by American Eagle Outfitters probably portends a lot more stores). Funnily enough, I recently was looking for a roll neck sweater and found the store just through a Google search. And the sweater turned out to be pretty good, for what it’s worth!

It will be replacing Billy Reid, a southern-based chain that opened in 2013. So the total number of men’s clothing stores in Georgetown will remain the same.

Billy Reid, of course, replaced the Pizzeria Uno that occupied the address from 1981 until it closed in 2012. Prior to that it was several relatively short lived places, including Potagerie and Crumpets.


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