Something Borrowed…

A new bridal shop is coming to Book Hill. And it will likely sound familiar, but misleadingly so. The shop is called Hitched and it’s coming to 1663 Wisconsin Ave.

The new shop specializes in wedding bands. It was started in Philadelphia by a married couple that was frustrated by their own search for rings. This will be their third location.

The reason the store’s name might sound familiar is that from 2005 until 2018 there was a shop of the same name just down the street. This Hitched was founded in Georgetown by two women and it focused on wedding gowns. It was held in high regard, particularly for its lovely window displays.

There was even talk at some point of a Georgetown Cupcakes-style reality show based on the shop, but that never materialized. And despite the apparent success (or perhaps because) in 2018 the store was taken over by Modern Trousseau, the store’s main supplier.

And with that apparently the trademark was abandoned, despite being a pretty solid name. Maybe it’s a coincidence that the Philly Hitched started the same year the Georgetown one closed, but in either event it demonstrates the value of a good brand!


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