Field Guide to Georgetown Homes

I included this guide at the end of my monthly ANC newsletter on Monday. But since it was an awfully long post, like our ANC meetings themselves, a lot of people might not have reached the end! So here it is alone for you enjoyment!

As I mentioned in the newsletter, this is a guide I drew up to hand out to the group I escorted around for the CAG architectural tour a couple weeks ago. I hope it helps people begin to discern between the architectural styles that proliferate in Georgetown. Of course, I am far from a trained architect, but I’ve picked up plenty of useful bits of information over the years (particularly from Virginia McAlester’s Field Guide to American Homes) and I hope I’ve got it at least mostly right!


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  1. Pam Fleischer

    This is wonderful! Loved the tour, now need to look all over town with better knowledge!

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