Rites of Spring Return

After two years of pandemic-driven closures, the spring traditions of Georgetown are returning this year. Check out the details below:

The Georgetown House Tour

First of the two grand dame tours, the Georgetown house tour will be held this year on April 22nd (it’s 90th year!) It is held every year to benefit St. John’s Episcopal church. As the title states, this tour gives you a chance to walk through 8-10 of Georgetown’s nicest homes. The patrons party is always the place to hobnob with the nobbiest hobs.

The Georgetown Garden Tour

Of the two tours, the Garden Tour is probably my favorite. Like the house tour, you get a chance to look behind the gates of 8 or so homes, but I just think there’s something more interesting about gardens than interiors. This year the Garden Tour will occur on May 13th. This year will feature a rare opportunity to tour Everymay’s grounds!

Tudor Place

I’m a little late to remind you to try to catch Tudor Place’s annual Easter events, but check out their calendar for other great events.

Dumbarton Oaks:

Dumbarton Oaks Gardens are beautiful all year round, but they are particularly beautiful in the spring. While the cherries have past, get over there ASAP to enjoy their legendary wisteria blooms! (Check out GM’s user’s guide for when to visit).

Feel free to add your own annual traditions in the comments…


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