Forchrisakes another goddamn bank is moving into a large property to utterly waste it. In this case, Citibank appears to be moving in to the old Gap building on Wisconsin at N.

That is, at least according to designs submitted to the Old Georgetown Board. No word on when it would open. But, honestly, who cares? Open or closed, this will be useless to the community, much like the Chase on P, into which I have literally never seen a customer venture.

So even though we’re otherwise seeing an ebb in the inundation of banks with the closing of a handful over the last couple years, there are still giant New York banks like Citi and Chase that want to turn buildings that have tons of potential into billboards and vanity projects.

And this particular project won’t even have the modicum of usefulness that the Capital One Cafe does. It’s mostly just a bank serving customers who mostly don’t live here. And as if to illustrate that point, it appears that this location will have something they call a Citigold lounge:

This is basically just one of those airport lounges where people booze up and stuff their faces full of cookies before a flight. But in this case there are no planes around. I guess the hope is that travelers to Georgetown with Citi Gold cards might prefer airport food to literally dozens of much better restaurants and cafes. I suppose that says something for how Citi views its customers.

In short, this sucks. Another huge opportunity for a creative retail or food establishment is now just another f$%king cell in a Manhattan spreadsheet.



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  1. Don Bianco

    I visited the Chase

  2. Joan Kennan

    Couldn’t agree with you more. I still miss Marvelous Market (supplanted by a bank) and although I was not a big GAP customer, I would prefer it to yet another bank. Do all these banks really have that many customers to make it worth their while? I have read that PNC Bank is closing a lot of its branches all over the country

  3. Yea! Woo hoo!! Banks are good.

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