Hyde-Addison May Update

It’s time for the monthly update for neighbors of Hyde Addison Elementary School! 


The time to enroll at Hyde for the 23/24 school year is now! The timing matters: starting May 1, if a class is not fully subscribed, the school will start offering spots to the waitlist.  Enrolling now closes the waitlist and keeps class sizes LOW. The average class size at Hyde is 19 students. This compares to an average of ~22 at the neighboring elementary schools.  Smaller class size is directly correlated to higher student achievement! Please message me if you are interested in learning more about Hyde.  We decided to send our children to Hyde instead of Beauvoir and I am happy to explain how we reached that decision.

Hyde Impresses me

This past weekend, I was telling my 4 year old, who was holding a tulip, “be careful, its delicate”—he asked what delicate was. I told him that delicate means fragile (he knows what fragile means) and I mentioned (for the benefit of my 6 yr old standing nearby) “delicate and fragile are synonyms. Do you know what a synonym is?” She said “yes—and I know that an antonym is the opposite.”  “That’s right! Where did you learn that?” She explained (I think rolling her eyes) that she learned it with Ms. Kenagy and iready (iready is part of her kindergarten curriculum at Hyde).  I remember learning the word antonym in 1997 studying for the SATs…

Sip & Shop at Kendra Scott on Wed May 10

Hyde’s next fundraiser is at Kendra Scott (1249 Wisconsin Ave) on Weds May 10 from 430-630pm. 20% of sales revenue goes to Hyde PTA—plus a complimentary glass of champagne! Just in time for mothers day….So that we have an accurate headcount, please RSVP here https://forms.gle/ti1XHZa8y4jjWujZ7

Hyde Addison’s Playground is Open all weekend long!

Yes its true–the playground at Hyde is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays.  Please enjoy!


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