Come Out With Your Transportation Ideas Monday Night!

This Monday night, the first community meeting will be held as part of the important Georgetown transportation and access study. It will be held at the Georgetown Library from 6:30 to 8:00. It will also be available virtually, but you’ll need to sign up here to get the link for that.

This first meeting is incredibly important since it will be focused primarily on gathering every and all idea the public has to improve transportation to and through the neighborhood. No idea is a bad one! Want more bike lanes? Want fewer bike lanes? Want traffic cameras? Want more one-way streets? Want a six lane superhighway? Whatever the idea, just bring it. The point right now is to get every idea on the table, and the process moving forward will take those ideas and kick their tires to see what would actually make the neighborhood’s transportation system work better and safer.

Thankfully what this meeting will not be is an opportunity for a couple people to stand up on a soap box and monopolize the meeting with their pet grievances. It will be broken out into two main sections. The first will involve a series of boards around the room where people can meet with DDOT and the consultant staff to discuss their ideas and suggestions. Then later there will be breakout sessions where small groups will discuss in more depth their suggestions and ideas. The idea is to get more input from a wider population, not just the usual suspects.

So please do try to come, even if only for part of it! Your participation is crucial to getting the most out of this process!


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