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Save Scheele’s Group Meets With Teren

Save Scheele's Group Meets

On Sunday night, approximately 35 people met at Mt. Zion Church to discuss their efforts to ensure that Scheele’s Market remains open. Additionally, they gave an opportunity to the potential purchaser of the property, Marc Teren, to discuss his plans for the property should his offer be accepted. The group’s plans and Teren’s presentation, after the jump:

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Jellef Boys and Girls Club to Close, City to Purchase Land

The Washington Post is reporting that the Boys and Girls Club is going to close several branches in the D.C. area, including Georgetown’s Jellef Branch, right next to Social Safeway. The organization is severely struggling to ensure its long term financial future and has identified for elimination the branches with the fewest members.  What this means to the neighborhood after the jump:

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Easement Down the Road

Scheele's Preservation Society to Meet Tomorrow

In response to GM’s post about the possible sale of the Scheele’s Market building to resident Marc Teren, reader Jim McCarthy wrote:

Anyone relying on Marc Teren’s word as a sign of good news for Scheele’s, shouldn’t get their hopes up. His conduct over the last few years seems like one long, selfish parade of contempt for the historic character and integrity of our neighborhood.

GM can’t verify each of McCarthy’s complaints about Teren, but it does seem fair to say that there are concerns in the neighborhood about Mr. Teren’s promises to keep Scheele’s Market open if he successfully purchases the property. So is there anything the neighborhood can do to hold Teren to his word? There may in fact be. Find out after the jump:

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